We know our do-it-yourself software will work, so we guarantee it forever. Due to consistent fees incurred, the professional services have a 90 day money back guarantee.

And unlike our competitors, we will refund you if you are unhappy for ANY reason, not give you a silly guarantee that we will "rank 12 positive websites on the 1st three pages of Google or your money back" (make sure to read our competitors money-back guarantee closely). What benefit is it to have positive websites scattered around a negative website?

We will suppress a negative website deep into search results so that it is not found, we will not merely dilute it down by scattering positive websites on the 1st three pages of Google.

If you do not have a negative website to suppress, and are only looking to do SEO, we have pay-per-performance contracts available where you do not pay a cent until the goal is achieved and maintained.