State and Federal courts are allowing sites like Justia, Courtlistener, PacerMonitor, CourtFiles, CaseText, and many others to publish public court dockets online. Even if the charges were dropped, or you were found innocent, these court dockets will appear online. They have an incredible ability to reach page 1, and be difficult to suppress.

Suppression does work in most cases, but some clients prefer to have them deleted. Before SearchManipulator, you had to get your record expunged or sealed with an expensive attorney. But now, we can do it affordably and quickly!

On a pay-per-performance basis, we can get them deleted and forever. And to quell skeptics, you only pay once we are successful!

It will be off of Google, Yahoo and Bing search results, never to be found again. We can guarantee it to be deleted within 1-2 weeks!

Sites include, but are not limited to: