Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an online personality?

    If you do not want more information out there about you, we can write about someone who shares your name but is a different and made-up person. If you are unemployed or just starting your career, it might look weird to have a bunch of websites talking about you or your career, so we can write about someone else with the same name. This way, the websites of an attorney, professor and accountant from various parts of the country will appear above your negative website.

  • How can I contact SearchManipulator?

    Please contact us at (415)-837-8371 or email

    Due to the occasional heavy call volume, email is typically best.

  • Will SearchManipulator use adult themed websites to boost the ranking power of my websites?

    No, and we strongly discourage anyone from working with those companies. Our competitors are becoming increasingly inefficient because they are getting banned from many legit social identity websites. They outsource the process to remote employees who sign up for thousands of websites a week for dozens of clients. The social identity websites and Google are becoming more intelligent and picking up on the repetitive IP addresses and are now banning them and removing all the content that IP address has ever created. This leaves the client back to where he or she started, and they will not get a refund by the SEO or reputation management company.

    To combat this problem of content removal, SEO and Reputation management companies are now throwing the clients content on thousands of adult themed websites that have minimal ranking power. You do not want to be on these adult themed websites! It is incredibly cheap for these companies to do this, but you will always be associated with explicit words and websites. Why would you want adult themed websites being displayed when searching for yourself or your business?

    The SearchManipulator DIY software signs up for these unique social identity websites from your computer and with your IP address, which does not violate any of terms and agreements by these social identity websites and search engines. For Professional Services utilize random IP addresses to prevent being caught for spam. The websites you create through the SearchManipulator DIY software, or that we create through the Professional Services, will never be removed.

    At SearchManipulator, we will only create legit and positive websites that rank high on search results.

  • What can SearchManipulator software and services do and not do?

    The SearchManipulator DIY software can promote any website for SEO purposes. The software can also heavily suppress negative websites. However, some websites are very difficult to suppress. This is not a testament to our software, it truly is the best DIY program out there, but sometimes there are limitations.

    In three circumstances, Professional Services are a better fit than the DIY software.

    - Websites ending in .gov. Google places an emphasis on Government websites.

    - Websites with tons of traffic. This is a case by case situation, but generally, if a website has a million page views, it is not going to get off of page 1 easily.

    - complaints. Google recognizes this as the most authoritative review and complaint site, making it difficult to suppress if it is at the top of page 1 for your search results with our "DIY Software". However, the professionals at have tricks up their sleeves that allow the "Professional Packages", where we handle everything from start to finish, to suppress complaints.

    There are other numerous consumer review sites, such as Yelp, PissedConsumer, Justia Dockets and WebMD. These sites do not have the same SEO authoritativeness as RipoffReport, and can easily be suppressed.

    SearchManipulator Professional Services will work with anyone, with the exception of customers who want to suppress any websites involving sexual assault, child abuse or sex offender registrars.

  • What is SEO?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the idea of how important search engines like Google and Yahoo deem your website. Companies like Samsung would use SEO to show up on page 1 for the search "What laptop should I buy?". Online reputation management (ORM) is the idea of controlling what people see when they search for you. For example, a customer has already decided he might want to buy a laptop from Samsung, the customer then Google searches "Samsung laptop reviews". Samsung would use ORM to have the best articles about the company displayed on page 1, and any negative articles on page 10+.

  • What is backlinking?

    Backlinks are like a shout-out on the internet. It is a hyperlink that goes to another website when you click on it. It makes search engines think your website is being talked about all over the internet, and as a result, deserves to be on page 1. Although more is better, quality is essential. Backlinks from low-value websites can actually hurt your website. The backlinks generated in the do-it-yourself software and professional services will never be marked as spam and will always promote your website higher in search results.

  • How do I get the software to work?

    Please try these steps:

    1) Click “BUY NOW”. You will be re-directed to the Google Chrome Store.

    2) Click on the blue (+ADD TO CHROME) button. Make sure to have Google Chrome downloaded (its

    3) A pop up will appear. Click "ADD".

    4) It will then download. In a minute to two, you will see a new tab appear saying "Welcome to SearchManipulator". Please make sure to read that page.

    5) In the top right of your screen, click on our Fox mascot

    6) Type in all of your information into the menu.

    7) Click "GO" at the top of the menu once you have typed in all of your information.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We know we are the best in the industry, which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We can offer this because we do not rely on large scale advertising to get our customers; instead we rely on happy customers referring us. This keeps our overhead low, and we can offer a money back guarantee in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful.

    Unlike our competitors, we do not have a single complaint online about us due to this money back guarantee. And unlike our competitors, we will refund you within 60 days if you are unhappy for ANY reason, not give you a silly guarantee that we will "rank 12 positive websites on the 1st three pages of Google or your money back" (make sure to read our competitors money-back guarantee closely, if they even have one).

    If we are unable to suppress the negative website in any way, then the 100% money back guarantee still applies. This guarantee is valid forever. Also, if the negative website(s) re-emerges within one year, we will suppress it again for free.

    What benefit is it to have positive websites scattered around a negative website? We will suppress a negative website deep into search results so that it is not found, we will not merely dilute it down by scattering positive websites on the 1st three pages of Google.

    If you do not have a negative website to suppress, and are only looking to do SEO, we have pay-per-performance contracts available where you do not pay a cent until the goal is achieved and maintained.

  • What are some important questions I should ask other online reputation management companies?

    The best question to ask an online reputation management company is what each package they offer entails, such as domains, content, and updates. You will be pleased to see that we offer more work for less money compared to our competitors.

    Also, ask them about their money back guarantee. Chances are that they don’t have one due to a low success rate.

    Some companies also delete the work or do not share the credentials once you stop paying for their services. We always share the credentials with you, and will never delete our work if you no longer need our services.

    If they use big words to describe their technology or are so vague that you can not understand them, then do not hire them. The SEO process is so simple that companies will try and confuse the consumer to justify the overpriced quote. The truth is though, anyone can do SEO or online reputation management!