has created a state of the art program that drastically increases the efficiency of search engine optimization techniques. This "do it yourself" software is what sets us apart and allows us to offer you the same results as our competitors at a fraction of the cost. The software our engineers have built is the reason we are able to offer larger packages at such a low price, if doing it yourself isn't for you.

Other reputation management firms charge so much because the process of entering data into the necessary websites is time consuming and boring. They do not have our revolutionary program so they have to do each website the long and hard way by constantly filling out forms and generating backlinks. Many of our competitors also incur the steep cost of large scale advertising. We rely almost solely on word of mouth from happy clients. We have chosen to minimize expenses so we can pass the savings on to you.

If you need more information, please take some time to contact our competitors and compare services. (We have provided some important questions to keep in mind when researching SEO services on our Frequently Asked Questions page.) The websites used by the SearchManipulator software are the industry leading websites that consistently rank powerfully and our SEO techniques to link them together has been completely optimized with Google's latest algorithmic updates. There is no reason to pay more for the same techniques and the same results.

If doing it yourself isn't for you, we will beat any competitor's quote!

About the DIY Software Gold is a computer program that will promote a positive website and/or suppress a negative website. The program will create up 50 high-ranking websites in a fast and efficient manner. What competitors charge $5,000 and up will take you one to two hours to complete using our revolutionary program, depending on your online situation. The great part about our program is that many of our clients see the results they were looking for after only doing the first set of 18 websites. We know that we are offering a superior product, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The engineers at SearchManipulator have created a Google Chrome Extension that makes the process lightning fast by filling out forms and generating a linking algorithm on your behalf, leaving you time for the fun part of designing your online identity.

Instead of doing the tedious work of constantly typing in your name, location, employer, school, keywords, user name, etc,SearchManipulator only asks for it once and then memorizes it. It will then automatically and quickly fill out the websites for you. Meaningless pages are skipped, all of the data fields will be pre-filled, and even sections where you create powerful backlinks will be pre-filled. All you have to do is make sure everything looks the way you want and then click SAVE CHANGES.

Make sure to check out our .pdf on the homepage and remember that the sooner you suppress negative websites, the better.

Don’t lose control of your online reputation.